Income Inequality: Fighting the Gap

Poverty and rising income inequality is an issue dominating every corner of the United States, even if some neglect to see it. Income inequality refers to the gap between the richest and everyone else, constantly looming over those who remain at the bottom. Life is expensive, so is school. Currently, the income inequality gap in the United States is the largest in over 50 years. Recent reports are showing that income inequality has grown from 2017 to 2018, despite the apparent economic expansion in the country. This means that despite efforts made, income inequality is going nowhere anytime soon.  So, the richer are getting richer, while those in poverty continue to descend. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. However, the issues with this increasing poverty have continued to evolve, reaching life-threatening levels. For those living in poverty, specifically women, their life expectancy has dropped lower than that of their parents. With the divide widening every day, the rift between our nation has never been more apparent.  Educational Divide For families and students who are on the lower end of the poverty line, this divide has never been more apparent. While schooling has improved in many places, costs have risen alongside these improvements. Laptop fees,...

The Real Cost of the Opioid Epidemic

  America is standing in the midst of one of its worst drug crises. Opioid overdose has become a leading cause of death, more likely to kill you than a car crash. In the U.S. thousands die each year from...

Cain Live Gets Distinguished Status for Second Consecutive Year

The Cain Live newspaper staff has been working for the past couple of months to receive national recognition from SNO, a scholastic media company that advises student newspapers across the nation. Furthermore, Cain Live has officially become a SNO...

Cain Sends Oak Ridge Packing Newcoming Night

This past Thursday the hurricanes faced Oak Ridge where they triumphed on Newcoming night 36-7. Though Oak Ridge led 0-7 within 4 minutes of the first quarter, the hurricanes were determined to turn it around. "I had faith in my...


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The Real Cost of the Opioid Epidemic

  America is standing in the midst of one of its worst drug crises. Opioid overdose has become a leading cause of death, more likely...

Munoz Back in Play After Tackling Cancer Twice

This past Friday in a football match up Klein Cain vs Klein Forest, Jacob Munoz not only fulfilled his promise to himself to get...

Balancing School and Mental Health

Mental Illness Among High-School-Aged Youth According to the national institute of mental health, 49.5% of adolescents suffer from any form of mental illness, with anxiety...

Saving the CAINines

Paws for Purpose is an organization with over one hundred participants at Klein Cain. The club volunteers at local shelters such as Abandoned Animal...

The American Medical Pricing Crisis

In the 2020 presidential election, a major topic of discussion is the American healthcare system. While both parties agree that reforms are necessary, a...

Little Dresses for Africa: Making a Difference

    The Klein Cain Sewing Club is starting a new project, creating dresses for little girls. However, the dresses they're creating are more important than...

Student Life

Students dancing at the 2018 Newcoming Dance during last year's week-long activities. Photo by Charlotte Gottfried

Klein Cain Dressed Up Thanks to Donations

Dress Donations Are Made Available to Students The Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults donated numerous homecoming/prom dresses and shoes to Klein ISD....
A water tower in the A&M campus in College Station. Photo courtesy of The Texas Tribune.

Texas A&M Bans Vape Pens Among Rising Vape-related Fatalities

This past Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019, Texas A&M officially announced plans to pass a sweeping ban on vape pens on all campuses. This decision...
Students and families have to manage their money and save up to pay college tuition and fees. It costs thousands of dollars for these expenses, so financial aid is often a necessity. Photo by; Enrique Paz

Simplifying Student Financial Aid: Tackling FAFSA

FAFSA Officially Opened  *Helpful links and scholarship information can be found at the bottom of the article. On Tuesday, Oct.1, 2019, the Free Application for Federal...
Klein Cain student getting stressed over the work load of school.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Manage Your Time More Wisely

Klein Cain is back in action and students are still getting used to being back on a school schedule. Many students not only have...
Students are finding a lot of enjoyment about how easy the game is to play. Image courtesy of Nintendo.

“Mario Kart Tour” Races to the Front of App Stores Worldwide

Many high school students can remember playing Mario Kart when they were younger. Unfortunately, with Nintendo consoles being more kid-friendly when compared to other...

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