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Superintendent Resigns His Position at KISD

Superintendent Bret Champion Transfers to a Different School District On March 21, 2019, Klein ISD Superintendent, Dr. Bret Champion, announced that he will be leaving...

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An Inside Look at the Klein Lacrosse Team

Players running on a field. Shoving each other, throwing the ball into the air; and scoring. Lacrosse is played with 10 players in the field at a time, and is like soccer and hockey but with a small ball and a stick. Typical formations are set-up...

Notre Dame: More Than Just a Cathedral

Hundreds gathered in the streets, as one of the greatest historical sites in Paris burns to the ground. As the flames rage, artwork burns, and the iconic spire topples to the ground, the people are left heartbroken and empty. On Monday night, the Notre Dame Cathedral...

Making the Cheer Sqaud

Preparing for Cheer Tryouts The time has come again when cheerleaders must face a stressful week of their year, cheer tryouts. Most cheerleaders work...

Spotlight of the Month: Carlos Chavarria

March Spotlight of the Month VIDEO INTERVIEW HERE Last month, Klein Cain student Carlos Chavarria won a RISD scholarship for his art portfolio which he submitted...

Venezuela: A Crisis Close to Home

  The streets surrounding you seem packed full of people, they're tired, desperate for even a sliver of change. Their government has turned it’s back...

Saving Time and Lives

What it's Like Studying the Medical Field at Klein Cain and being a part of the Department's Growing Legacy Studying different health science fields, traveling...

Student Life

With all the heat of college admissions being tainted by families and bribery, being admitted into college has become an even bigger deal for students enrolling into their college of choice. Photo by: Enrique Paz

Operation Varsity Blues: College Admissions Scandal Prolongs

A College Admissions Scandal Nicknamed Operation Varsity Blues, last month’s indictment of Newport Beach, Calif., businessman William Singer’s more than fifty clients by the U.S....

What is Sleep Deprivation?

What Is Sleep Deprivation? According to the American Academy Of Sleep Medicine, sleep deprivation is an insufficient sleep syndrome. Being in this condition could mean...
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Preparing for Course Selection

Getting Ready for Course Selection and College Readiness With Course Selection coming up at the end of January, many students have been planning ahead and...

Exams Loom Over Klein Cain Students This Winter

The first semester of the 2018-2019 school year at Klein Cain is about to end, and with that comes the dreaded midterm...
Students studying for the Fall Midterm

Midterm Season and Schedule

The Fall Midterm season is approaching Klein Cain High School at a rapid pace. The forthcoming of these midterms can cause questions to arise...

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