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The 2018-19 Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year Having over a hundred teachers, Klein Cain could only have one teacher of the year. Recently, Tyrone Void has been announced...

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Venezuela: A Crisis Close to Home

  The streets surrounding you seem packed full of people, they're tired, desperate for even a sliver of change. Their government has turned it’s back upon the people, so they’ve taken to the streets. Adults and children have become malnourished, forced to eat out of trashcans to...

Saving Time and Lives

What it's Like Studying the Medical Field at Klein Cain and being a part of the Department's Growing Legacy Studying different health science fields, traveling to hospitals, and collaborating with certified teachers is a normal day for many medical students. In order to pursue a career in...

What is a Service Dog?

Fulfilling Their Purpose A service dog is a dog that is trained to perform specific medical tasks for their owner that they cannot do for...

Spotlight of the Month: Madison Strader

February Spotlight Maintaining exceptional grades, working a part-time job, and keeping track of college classes is all part of Madison Strader's week. She works tirelessly...

Will Ride-Hailing Services Kill Drivers Ed?

Drivers Ed Sans Drivers   In 1973, Safeway Driving, one of Texas's largest drivers ed companies, was founded on the basis of “Preventing the Phone Call...

The History of Valentine’s Day

What's the Big Deal About Valentine's? Every year on Feb. 14, couples across the globe celebrate the day of love, also known as Valentine's day. To prove...

Student Life

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Preparing for Course Selection

Getting Ready for Course Selection and College Readiness With Course Selection coming up at the end of January, many students have been planning ahead and...

Exams Loom Over Klein Cain Students This Winter

The first semester of the 2018-2019 school year at Klein Cain is about to end, and with that comes the dreaded midterm...
Students studying for the Fall Midterm

Midterm Season and Schedule

The Fall Midterm season is approaching Klein Cain High School at a rapid pace. The forthcoming of these midterms can cause questions to arise...
A student receives an A+ for the next quarter.

New Quarter, New Habits

Grades are in and the first quarter has ended. This week a new quarter begins. New quarters come with new events. This...

Newcoming Spirit Week

Next week starting Monday Oct 15, students will have the opportunity to dress up each day with...

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