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What is Klein Hockey

With there being a Klein lacrosse team there has to be a Klein Hockey team. The Klein Hockey team is not a school-functioned sport which means it’s not part of Klein ISD Athletic Department. Klein Hockey includes athletes from all five Klein High Schools and Tomball Memorial High School. 

“It’s pretty cool that there are more people that play the sport that isn’t that popular in Texas,” sophomore Brian Green said.

Green is the right-wing for Klein Hockey team.

The entrance fee for the game is free and their home games are located at the Aerodrome Ice Skating ComplexThe ice skating complex also has a public skating rink where you can rent skates and go ice skating.

The team currently consists of 18 players. Out of the 18 players, there are two freshmen, seven sophomores, five juniors, and four seniors.

“No, [there should not be different teams for each grade level], because I don’t think that would help anyone,” Green said.

Klein Hockey Schedule. Photo credit: Travis Bell
Klein Hockey 2019-2020 game schedule. Photo credit: Travis Bell

2019-20 Schedule

Right now the varsity team is 3-6, and only one game away from being halfway through the season. Each regular season has 20 games then off to play postseason.


What it Includes

To join the Klein Hockey team, you will need some equipment to help get you ready for the season. There are also some fees that have to be paid.                     

  • $750 to join
  • Practice on Mondays 8-10 p.m.
  • Have to buy your own skates and pads
  • Jersey and extra clothing can be bought from Klein Hockey
  • Registration starts in august
  • Tournaments (if the team signs up)