This past Thursday the hurricanes faced Oak Ridge where they triumphed on Newcoming night 36-7. Though Oak Ridge led 0-7 within 4 minutes of the first quarter, the hurricanes were determined to turn it around.

“I had faith in my offense, and team to make it right,” Cedric Melton said.

With just a minute left to go in the first quarter QB Luke Pardee threw a 29-yard touchdown pass to WR Matthew Golden tying the game up 7-7. As the second quarter opened up, and RB Jaydon Blue rushed 3 yards scoring another touchdown for the Hurricanes. Though the game reached a stalemate for the majority of the second quarter with under a minute left to go until half, Luke Pardee completed a 51-yard touchdown pass to Jaydon Blue. Though the Hurricanes had a safe lead against Oak Ridge, they pushed for a 2 point conversion making the score 22-7 by halftime.

“Coming into the game I knew we had to execute, and fire on both offense and defense,” Matthew Golden said. “Those touchdowns helped us gain momentum.”

During halftime, the Freshman and Sophomore Count and Countess’s, along with the Junior Prince and Princess, were escorted with the nominees for Newcoming King and Queen down the football field where they were introduced and announced as the winners of the Newcoming court. As Ruby Fabre and Jordan Mitchell were crowned as the first-ever king and queen, the stands went wild throwing glow sticks and confetti.

With the second half starting up, WR Cole Monago made a momentous play stretching just past the goal line to complete a 36 yd touchdown pass. While K Aidan Martin kicked another extra point for the hurricanes, the score settled at 29-7 until the 4th quarter where WR Matthew Golden ran his way through the defense to score yet another 27-yard touchdown pass. Although the hurricanes had a safe lead, they were determined to seal the deal against Oak Ridge. As the game went on the hurricanes made several defensive plays including 3 interceptions made by De’untre Cunningham, Pershing Smith, and Brysen Thomas.

“I felt accomplished and excited to contribute to the team,” Cunningham said. “It’s something I won’t forget.”

While the hurricanes defeated Oak Ridge, their next match up November 1st against College Park is their next focus. Although the hurricanes fell short to College Park last season 48-23, they’re determined to play hard in hopes of a win and move onto the next.

“We have threats all around the ball, and defense is always making big plays,” Johrdan Howard said. “We are a much more mature, and hungry team…it will be a good game.”