The 2019 Paws for Purpose students during a visit to Abandoned Animal Rescue. Photo by Brianna Jones

Paws for Purpose is an organization with over one hundred participants at Klein Cain. The club volunteers at local shelters such as Abandoned Animal Rescue, to help better the lives of animals in our local area. 

The club has done many things for the community such as dog food and supply drives, volunteering, and gathering newspapers for the animals at an abandoned animal rescue.

“[Paws for Purpose is] trying to set up a partnership with Montgomery county animal shelter,” club sponsor and school counselor, Susan Kopinitz said. “We have so many more volunteers this year.”

Kopinitz felt driven to support Paws for Purpose because of student James Lamb. Lamb started the club, wrote the bylaws, and approached Kopinitz to be the faculty sponsor last year. The club has grown an astronomical amount, expanding from thirty-five students to one hundred and fifty just in one year. 

“If the students want to do it I will support them,” Kopinitz said.

Paws for Purpose meets the first Wednesday of every month with the full group.

“At those meetings, they lay out the opportunities for the next month,” Kopinitz said. “People can sign off to do projects throughout the month.” 

Paws for purpose student cleaning up the Abandoned animal rescue shelter. Photo by: Briana Jones.
Paws for purpose student cleaning up the Abandoned animal rescue shelter. Photo by: Brianna Jones.

“Typical volunteer days we are usually cleaning and then playing with the dogs and cats,” Kopinitz said. “Also adding a read to the dogs day where people can sit and read to the dogs.”

They also are looking at starting more cat days this upcoming year. They have already volunteered for three days and are looking at doing six more. Kopinitz doesn’t even know how the club grew so much.

“A lot of the students enjoyed volunteering,” Kopinitz said. “It is so cool that so many people have a heart for animals.”

“I like seeing them develop and how happy they are to see you play with them and make them feel loved,” club member and officer Austin Himburg said.