Dress Donations Are Made Available to Students

The Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults donated numerous homecoming/prom dresses and shoes to Klein ISD. Kimberly Milo, a Community Youth Service Specialist (CYS) for the district, contacted the school informing faculty of the donation. She explained the opportunity for students to contact her in case they were in need of one of their items for the school dances.

“The dresses were actually donated late last year (after homecoming),” Milo said. “Since we did not have a senior class last year, we didn’t have any students at Cain that could utilize them for prom. The other CYS workers (my co-workers at Klein High, Klein Oak, Klein Collins, and Klein Forest) had already made arrangements to help students for prom, so this year, the dresses are available for any and all Klein students for homecoming, prom or any other formal events.”

“I love that we are able to help students to be a part of school activities…” -Kimberly Milo

Milo is proud that they’ve obtained the opportunity to help out the community by offering donations.

“I love that we are able to help students to be a part of school activities, that they would typically not be able to be a part of because of things that may be situational or out of the students’ control,” said Kimberly Milo.

Milo and others have been working to distribute the clothes to students so they can use them in the future. She explained that she personally filled her vehicle up with dresses to transport them to Chimney Rock when they first got them.

“I was contacted by my supervisor and informed that we’d received a donation of hundreds of dresses from different sources,” Milo said. “[I was] super excited! The dresses were on a first-come-first-serve at our main offices located near Chimney Rock. I rearranged my schedule and went to Chimney Rock and loaded my car down with dresses.”

Students dancing at the 2018 Newcoming Dance during last year’s week-long activities. Photo by Charlotte Gottfried

Moreover, Milo’s job consists of providing numerous types of support to everyone in the district. She’s ready to help out in any way she can, and would be happy to assist anyone in obtaining any available dresses left.

“[My job is] to provide support to students and staff as needed,” Milo said. “That includes crisis intervention and counseling, basic needs assistance, advocating for students and their families, social and life skills support, mental health services and referrals, mediate parent-child conflict and assist with truancy, homelessness, and runaways.”

Obtaining a Dress

On Oct. 18 her email went out to some of the staff members at Klein Cain, explaining the situation and chance for teachers to get in touch with her for their students.

“If you have any students that may have a need, please contact me and we can make arrangements to see if we [have] sizes/style[s] to help those students out,” Milo said in an email to the teachers.

Furthermore, she can be reached at her office or through email. Her office phone number is 832-375-8548.

“A student can reach out to their counselor or contact me directly by stopping by my office,” Milo said. “I can be reached by email as well at [email protected].”