With a stadium filled with 41,168 fans cheering and screaming, Minute Maid Park rumbled Saturday night. Hoping that their team will go to the World Series for the second time in three years, the Astros played game six of the AL Champion Series winning 6-4.

“I’m guessing it was really loud, I don’t really know though because I was so shocked at what just happened I didn’t even hear the rest of the ballpark,” senior Jackson Shaunty said.

The Winning Game

On Oct. 19 the Astros played the New York Yankees and won 6-4. With both teams making it a bullpen game were they switch pitchers almost inning after inning the Astros were still able to pull off the win. At the bottom of the ninth, the score was tied at four because DJ LeMahieu tied the game 4-4 in the top of the ninth. Even with the Yankees tieing the game, it didn’t stop the Astros. With the winning hit, untying the game, Jose Altuve hits a two-run walk-off home run making the score 6-4.

Jose Altuve winning home run making the score 6-4 in the bottom of the ninth. Photo by Sue Ogrocki/The Associated Press
Jose Altuve’s winning home run making the score 6-4 at the bottom of the ninth. Photo by Sue Ogrocki/The Associated Press.

“It’s awsome to see an incredible player hit the winning run,” freshman Fabian Zuniga said. “I’m so proud the Latinos are rising up and doing these things. We were all so down that the Yankees got a two-run tie with us but he showed us that the Astros are the best team and that we have a major chance to beat the Washington Nationals on Tuesday.”

With games four and five being pushed back one day because of rain in New York the Astros played game five at Yankee stadium. Game five was supposed to be a Minute Maid Park but in order to catch up, they didn’t have the original off/rest day back to Minute Maid Park so games six was played on Oct. 19.

“For a lot of die-hard Astros fans it’s worth it because they can’t get enough of their tea but for others who just watch the game for fun they really don’t care,” sophomore Angel Salinas said.

To start the game off Yuli Gurriel Astros 1B homered to left field with Jose Altuve 2B and Alex Bregman 3B on base making the score 3-0 Astros.

“It honestly caught me completely off guard especially since it was during the first inning,” sophomore Ryan Fitzgerald said.

Game Five Play by Play

Game five of the Yankees series was stressful and disappointing for some people. The Yankees dominated the Astros 4-1 making the series 3-2.

“Game five wasn’t stressful more than it was disappointing, knowing that the Astros were already ahead in the series and we lost it,” junior Laura Lopez said. “Oh, my word, game six though was so nerve-wracking because if we would’ve lost then the series could be anyone’s win at that point.”

Micheal Brantly making a diving catch that was hit by Aaron Hick and later Brantly threw to first getting Aaron Judge out make it a double play. Photo Credit to CBS Sports
Michael Brantley making a diving catch in the top of the seventh that was hit by Aaron Hick and later Brantley threw to first getting Aaron Judge out make it a double play. Photo Credit to CBSSports.com.

Top of the First
George Springer scores on a wild pitch. (1-0 Astros)

 Bottom of the First

DJ LeMahieu homers to right field. (1-1 Yankees)

Aaron Hicks homers to right field, Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres Scores. (1-4 Yankees)

Bottom of the Ninth
Yankees win 4-1.

Game Six Play by Play

Bottom of the First
Gurriel homers to left field, Bregman and Altuve Score. (3-0 Astros)

Top of the Second
Gary Sanchez singled to center, Didi Gregorius Scores. (3-1 Astros)

Top of the Fourth
Gio Urshela homered to right-center field. (3-2 Astros)

Bottom of the Sixth
Bregman reaches first on fielder’s choice Altuve Scores. (4-2 Astros)

Top of the Seventh
Michael Brantley makes a diving catch getting Aaron Hick and Aaron Judge out making it a double play.

Top of the Ninth
Lemahieu homered to right field, Urshela scores. (4-4 Tie)

Bottom of the Ninth
Altuve hits a walk-off home run causing the Astros to win, George Springer score. (6-4 Astros)

Following The Stars to The World Series

In two years, the first one being 2017 and now 2019, the Astros have made two appearances in the World Series.

Gerrit Cole holding the Al Champion Series trophy after the Astros won on Saturday Oct.19. Photo by: Cooper Neill.
Gerrit Cole holding the AL Champion Series trophy after the Astros won on Saturday, Oct.19. Photo by: Cooper Neill.

“Well my friend and I were watching it and we both started running around the house and screaming,” sophomore Christina Pezirtzoglou said.

Oct. 22 is the first game of the World Series. The Nationals already had their spot in the World Series since Oct. 15 and now the Astros had their spot. The Astros start the series having home-field advantage for the first two games than to Nationals Park for games three and four. The World Series is a best out of seven series. The team to have won four games is titled champs for the 2018-2019 baseball season.


With every postseason series, there is an MVP. For the AL Champion Series, Astros second baseman Jose Altuve was named MVP.

2019 postseason ALCS MVP Jose Altuve. Photo Courtesy of Houston Astros.
2019 postseason ALCS MVP Jose Altuve. Photo Courtesy of Houston Astros.

Altuve had a .349 Avg with 43 AB during the postseason so far. Altuve has also had five home runs, 15 hits, ten runs and eight RBI’s.

In an interview with MLB, Altuve talks about how he feels about being ALCS MVP and what was going on in his mind while running the bases.

“The only thing I remember while I was running the bases was, I was just thanking God for another opportunity to go to the World Series,” Altuve said. “I thank everybody in the ballpark because you guys are the biggest reason that we’re here. And my teammates, they’re the MVPs of the game. I can’t wait for the World Series.”