Equipment Stolen From the Band Trailer

The Klein Cain band trailer was broken into during the four day weekend resulting in damage and stolen equipment. Photo by: Enrique Paz

The Klein Cain band‘s trailer was broken into sometime during Saturday night and Sunday morning. It’s the one parked next to Cutten Road, at the edge of the parking lot near the playground and band hall.

“A generator for the lights and some percussion equipment were stolen,” David Pfeffer said in the school’s parent facebook group. “Also some of the lighting and wiring inside the trailer was damaged.”

Pfeffer is involved with the band and has the role of a ‘stormchaser’ within the band association. His job as a ‘stormchaser’ is to coordinate transportation of all equipment to performances with band directors and oversee the loading/unloading of it as well. Aside from that, his son is a musician and french horn player for the band.

Keeping the Harmony

A storage box next to the band trailer in the parking lot. Photo by: Enrique Paz

Moreover, actions are being taken to resolve the problem and discover who the burglar is.

“A police report was filed with the Klein PD and they are currently working the case,” Pfeffer said. “We will repair the wiring this week and the trailer will be ready to go for the game this week.”

Pfeffer encourages people to speak up if they know anything or have any clues that can help them solve the case. You can contact Klein Police Department at (832)249-4266 with any information.

“If, by some chance, you hear of or know anything, please get in touch with someone from the band board,” Pfeffer said.

Staying on Beat

It didn’t take long for band students to find out what had happened. Furthermore, they rely on the equipment and tools stored in the trailer for band events and competitions. It’s also responsible for the transportation of instruments and props as well.

“I was kind of annoyed when I heard about it,” bass drum player Kevin Hatley said. “We love our semi, as it is very convenient to store our equipment on. Obviously the equipment we store on it is very important. I was worried that something might have been stolen that we need for our contests.”

Hatley states that not much was taken, though they’ve been working to resolve the situation.

“Luckily we did not lose much,” Hatley said. “I thought they should first, file it with the district, and secondly, search places where they might have been pawned or sold.”

Lately, band members and staff have been on the lookout for the missing objects. They’ve taken measures to ensure this incident doesn’t happen again.

“We have been searching places like Facebook Marketplace, and pawnshops to see if the stolen items might have been sold there,” Hatley said. “Hopefully, the district will end up replacing the stolen equipment, but we are searching everywhere in the meantime. We will no longer be leaving anything on the truck, and I’m sure security will be improved on the truck.”