The Sting Against The Rays

Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve Celebrating. picture by
Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve celebrating. Picture courtesy of

On Oct. 10 the Astros clinched the fifth game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Astros started with home-field advantage for games one and two. Next, they moved to the Rays stadium for games three and four and then back to Minute Maid Park for game five.

“I don’t think I can really put into words how happy I was,” senior Josh Samaniego said. “I couldn’t contain any little bit of energy.”

The Astros and the Rays played a total of five games before the Astros stung the rays and won 6-1 with Roberto Osuna striking out Ji-Man Choi at the top of the ninth.

“I think we have a long road ahead of us but that doesn’t mean we have to stop trying,” freshman Jacob Faasse said. “We still need to work with the pitchers and do better with our offense.”

The game started out with Gerrit Cole pitching all the way up to the top of the eighth Inning totaling 107 pitches before Osuna relives Cole for the top of the ninth. Cole had a total of 11 K’s (strikeouts) during the game. Sadly Cole’s contract with the Astros will be expiring for the 2019 season.

The Start of The Game

The start of the game started off good with George Springers CF single then Michel Brantly

Jose Altuve celebrating with Michel Brantly after Jose Altuve hit a home run. Photo by
Jose Altuve celebrating with Michel Brantly after Jose Altuve hit a home run. Photo courtesy of

LF single pushing Springer to second base all at the bottom of the first.

Jose Altuve’s 2B single at the bottom of the first and George springer scoring making the score 1-0 Astros. Then Alex Bregman 3B double scoring Brantly and Jose Altuve making the score 3-0 Astros.

Next on the plate was Yuil Gurril 1B, who singled, followed by Alex Bregman scoring. The score was now 4-0 Astros.

“I think it’s important to keep stamina throughout the game,” sophomore Ayden Agurrie said.

In the second inning, the Rays tried to turn the table but the Astros made it impossible. At the top of the second Eric Sogard Rays, 2B hit a solo HR, making the score 4-1.

The Winning Score

At the bottom of the eighth Brantly and Altuve hits solo back-to-back home runs. Which made the ending score of the game.

In an interview with Fox, Astros third baseman, Alex Bregman talked about the win against the Rays.

“It was like a heavyweight boxing fight and we were in the center of just madness it was a lot of fun,” Bregman said.

Astros VS Tampa Bay Ray game five Box score. photo by
Astros VS Tampa Bay Ray game five box score. Graphic courtesy of

What’s Next for Them: The Yankees

With the win, the Astros are now playing the New York Yankees. The series is tied at the moment at 1-1. If the Astros win the Yankee series they move on to the world series which is on October 22. They have to win 4 out of 7 games to move on to the World series where the national league team is to be determined.

The second game the Astros played with the Yankees was a hard one for them. Going into extra innings up to the 11 inning. At the bottom of the 11, Carlos Correa hits a walk-off home run pushing up the Astros one point causing them to win 2-3.

“I think that we have the ability to make it to the World Series, the problem right now is whether our offense can show up and give some run support to our pitchers,” senior Jackson Shaunty said. “Our pitchers are performing just like they are supposed to, what we need is for the offense we saw all through the regular season to show up now in the playoffs.”

2019 postseason brackets flow chart. Graphic courtesy of
2019 postseason brackets flow chart. Graphic courtesy of