The Nintendo Switch recently came out March 3, 2017 in the U.S for $299. 99, and started making a huge impact in its first few hours after its release to the public. Its fans have been waiting ever since they heard rumors and leaks from the company. The system has received a variety of both negative and positive criticism. Many have already tried out the device before its release date at the demos and gatherings, but were only able to leave with the satisfaction and anticipation to one day have their own at their fingertips.

The new console is Nintendo’s first console which can be played in the living room tv, or even on a snowy mountain which as a matter of fact has already been done. The new portable feature has brought positive controversy and interest. It’s a ground-breaking system, and the hype has overwhelmed fans who are also excited by this unusual and distinct product. The different form, shape, and colors took many by surprise since the predecessors don’t have much in common.

The price is the same as the Wii U, the latest console released before the Switch, averaging at around $300 with taxes. It’s definitely worth your money given this is like no other system. Many new captivating features have risen that will most certainly be worth the investment. Compared to other popular gaming devices, this one is more affordable and appropriate for younger audiences as well as the older ones.

Old school gamers probably won’t resist seeing their favorite video game characters in new vivid screens. Getting to see the digitized heroes you grew up with as a child is a dream come true now. There will be many returning characters such as Mario from Super Mario Bros., Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog, Link from Legend of Zelda, and many new ones along with a new line-up of games.

The graphics and features make it a work of art which many should enjoy playing with their friends and family. This recreates gaming in a new form and style that nobody has seen before. You can get yours at a GameStop, Best Buy, or stores selling electronics such as Target and Walmart.