Living Their Best Life

Though many students were not aware, not only is it about to be the weekend, but students have both Friday and Monday off. Friday is an off day since we didn’t cancel school during the time we had bad weather, therefore we get the privilege of not feeling trapped inside and getting to skip. Monday, as others already know, is Christopher Columbus Day, so no school then either.

Some students might decide to stay home and sleep in while others might decide to branch out into something new. They should make the most of the days off, and live their extended weekend to the fullest.

Respect the Drip, Karen

Though they usually have the pressure of academics, jobs, and after school activities lingering in their heads, making them wonder how they’ve made it past the first week, it’s about time students let out their fun side. Not staying up past their bedtime, but going out and having some fun. Whip out that gaming console and play video games while drinking a bucket load of Mountain Dew, gorge on that family-size pizza, go outside and work out so you can look like the Rock. Heck, even pull out those SAT prep books and study as much as you can.

Just kidding, maybe skip the SAT books while you still can. They’re inhumane. 

Go out with friends and follow where the night takes you. There are bound to be some great parties or fun places to go such as the mall, movie theater, Chick-fil-A, the club (reading club, of course), and skate parks. Why not even go on some fun drives with friends and make memories to last a lifetime? 

Stop worrying about all those tests, homework, and college applications for now. It’s the start of a new quarter on Tuesday, what’s done is done. Go out and live the time of your life, because you only live once.