High Expectations

On Sept. 27 many highly anticipated albums were set to drop, including Kanye West’s ninth studio album Jesus is King. It was announced that it would be an ego-free gospel-inspired 12 track album. This turned many people’s heads due to him releasing a similarly themed song on his 2016 album “The Life of Pablo” titled “Ultralight Beam,” which was received extremely well by fans of hip-hop. Clips of Sunday services he has been hosting have also been going viral, where he brings out gospel choirs to perform.

Despite being confirmed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to drop on its designated day, fans still had speculation. Last year, his album “Yahndi” failed to release by its release date.

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A photo of the alleged tracklist for Jesus is King. Photo courtesy of Exclaim!

The speculations turned out to be correct, as Sept. 27 rolled around and there was no new Kanye album on any music streaming services. The fans hope for the album did not stop there though as it was revealed by Kardashian, that the album would release Sunday, Sept. 29 after a few tweaks.

Droppin’ Fans, Not Albums

To everyone’s surprise, Sunday came along and still no album. However, it was revealed that Kanye did play the album for people that attended one of his album listenings on Sunday, but the public is still yet to hear it.

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An image of Kanye West performing at one of his Sunday services. Photo courtesy KCGIST.

Recent news has risen that the album now has no official release date. Although it does not seem like people are getting a new project from the artist any time soon, he is releasing a new IMAX film titled “Jesus is King” that will be played in IMAX theaters across the globe. The movie was filmed in the summer of 2019 and will feature Kanye’s Sunday service in the Roden Crater and will include songs arranged by Kanye in the gospel tradition along with Tracks from his new album, Jesus is King. One can only hope that he actually releases it.