Group of hack club students collaborating on an HTML5 website on
Group of hack club students collaborating on an HTML5 website on Photo by: Zoe Rivers

“You can build a website in an hour, too!” says club aiming to take advantage of the future.

Renamed from CODE to Hack Club, this newly redesigned club now offers the opportunity of the future, striving to instruct those with little to no coding experience to become fully equipped with the tools needed to succeed for the next eight decades of the 21st century.

Co-founded at the beginning of last year by junior Aneek Roy and senior Anya Robinson, two students with a focus on computer science, the club seeks out to better students already knowledgeable in computer science.

Now, they say, they want to fulfill the school’s vision of the “21st Century Learner”, adding onto their original vision by beginning to educate students around the campus of the benefits of programming as well as teaching them how to program websites, widgets, and even games.

“Our main goal here at Hack Club, really, is to spark creativity and innovation among students interested in coding, technology, and any challenge in general,” Robinson said. “Together, we want [them] to learn more about coding through tinkering and building projects.”

Thomas Pham works on code for the club. Klein Cain’s redesigned Hack Club plans to open the gateway for students with a variety of passions to learn programming. Photo by: Zoe Rivers

Just last Wednesday, Hack Club launched its first meeting inside the school’s largest computer science lab, taking in over 20 new members. At its first meeting, new students from all around campus signed up, grabbing cookies as they took a seat. With seats taken, within the first five minutes, co-founder Aneek Roy announced their first project: creating a website (from scratch).

“With this [project], what we’re hoping we can do is try to get our members kind of interested in coding,” Roy said. “And then with that, advance their skills, later on, to see how far they can go. I mean, everyone can code. It’s just a matter of delivering that message of ‘You can code too!’ to them.”

With a partnership, the club plans to have weekly activities for members to do, ranging from apps to even games for members to make. As the year progresses, members will have enough programming knowledge to work on their own self-directed coding projects.

But, for now, Cain’s Hack Club hopes to gain even more footing in the school with its new redesign within the next few weeks as the club exponentially grows and expands its horizon.

“It is obvious that Aneek has been putting in a lot of work into this club to make it fun and interactive,” Abishek Anand, a sophomore who hopes to learn more from the club, said.