Klein Cain is back in action and students are still getting used to being back on a school schedule. Many students not only have to deal with a seven and a half hour school day but also worrying about extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs, out of school groups and often jobs. Even though at times dealing with school and other activities can feel stressful, it is important to have a schedule that works for them. 

“I find it very important to have a schedule, it keeps my life in order and I never feel too overwhelmed with school, work or home life because of it,” Jared Ruiz, a Klein Cain student said.

A recent study was conducted in which doctors found that on a 10 point stress level students out beat adults 5.8 to 5.1. For anyone ever feeling stressed out, these tips are recommended. Students shouldn’t overload themselves with work between school or work. It’s important to prioritize what they need most. 

“Most of the extracurricular activities I do overlap so it is quite tangible but very busy,” Ruiz said. “I think the reason I am able to do lots of extracurricular is because I’m at school anyways.” 

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A statistic of the average student life, and most of their time is spent sleeping. Graphic courtesy of Missouri State.

Schoolguides.com recommends these tips for a healthier and more successful day.  Get enough sleep, it’s recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep Insufficient amounts of it can lead to depression, obesity, and lack of focus during class. Daily to-do lists help know what an individual is going to face during a tough day, and then they can create an hourly schedule to manage their time and get everything they need done.

“Yes I would drop work if my grades were dropping, a minimum wage job is not worth your diploma,” Subhan Quardeshi, a student at Klein Cain said. 

School, after school activities, jobs, and home life can often collide and feel overwhelming. Something students can do to prevent this tension from happening any further is to manage their time accordingly.

“…I think it is important to maintain a schedule for yourself,” David Murray, an assistant manager at Hobby Lobby said. “As a manager of many high school and college students I try to be lenient with their schedules so they can have more time to focus on themselves.”