With the opening of a new school, students have been given a rare opportunity to open the first ever clubs at Klein Cain, with the help of their peers and sponsors. One of the most recent being Cains for Christ, a Christian club dedicated to bringing Christians together and furthering the gospel.

Logan Ardiff, Vice President

“In school, I wanted somewhere where people could come and have fellowship together,” fellow Christian and Vice President Logan Ardiff said.

Logan and Sam have been working together since the beginning in order to create Christians for Christ and have not been displeased with the results. They’ve gotten officers, a sponsor, and most importantly members with the same goals and interests wanting to be set in motion.

“We had a really good turnout,” Logan Ardiff said. “A lot of people came than what I thought.”

The club has had a really great start from what one would think would be small beginnings. On the first club meeting, they already had around 50 members, more than what they could fit inside a single classroom, that they even had to turn their meeting to a flex space.

”Sam Wade and Logan Ardiff are the first that thought about the idea to start,” Cains for Christ officer Se’lah Petty said.

Se’lah Petty, Officer

The idea started to gain interest and support as they continued to advertise the club on social media and ask around for willing members interesting in joining. The word later caught on and started to appeal to the students.

“I think it’s really exciting to be the first ones to open something and start something new,” Se’lah Petty said. “I wanted to join because I wanted to spread my faith.”

Cains for Christ isn’t just about reading the Bible straight through, members will be able to hold social events and games later in the year. They’ll also be able to discuss their beliefs as well as learn and discover in their further studies.

Everything that’s been accomplished is important to the founders, and they’re planning on only moving forward from this point on. This isn’t something that they just do for fun, it’s something they spend hours studying for and being a part of.

“I think it’s really exciting to be one of the first ones to open and start something new. All the officers are so nice and the sponsor is really nice and I feel like she’s going to help us this year,” Se’lah Petty said.