Waking up early in the morning, leaving late at night, maintaining schoolwork, and having obligations outside of school. These are all conflicts that student-athletes face every day. Through trials and tribulations, these athletes push through and perform for their teams. Although scouts can only give a number of scholarships, these athletes have been singled out and given a chance to showcase their talent at select Universities. 

Cedric Melton, a varsity football athlete who has received numerous offers to play at university. Photo by: Charolette Gottfried
Cedric Melton, a varsity football athlete who has received numerous offers to play at university. Photo by: Charlotte Gottfried

Tackling the Future 

One of these talents is Cedric Melton. Cedric Melton is a starting O-lineman on the varsity football team and has had several offers to play at university. Despite several factors in his decision  Cedric decided to commit to the University of Arizona.

“I felt comfortable and I was able to bond with the players,” said Melton. “They really wanted me there.”

Cedric often spends his time after school at practice or training in facilities like  Footwork King to perfect his craft. Another varsity football commit is Aidan Martin. While Aidan has multiple offers as well, he has decided to commit his talent to the University of Houston. 

Despite the number of offers Aidan received, he found his choice of University easy.

“I Chose UH because it’s close to home and they are building something special there,” said Martin. “It gives me the best opportunity to grow both as a player, and as a person.”

Aidan spends most days after school at practice, or training at facilities like CMKFAM.

“I’m at this point because of my coaches,” Martin said. “They always push me.”

Like Cedric and Aidan, varsity football players Luke Pardee, Cole Monago, Matthew Golden, Bryson Thomas, Bryson Culton, Joseph Osborne, and Jadon Blue all have offers to play at universities as well.

Along with football athletes, baseball and volleyball athletes have also been recognized for their talents as well. One of these athletes is varsity baseball commit Jacob Mallozzi. Mallozzi decided to commit to Oklahoma University.

“I really liked the coaching staff,” Mallozzi said. “It was the right fit for me.”

Spiked Towards Success

Another athlete commit is Katherine Clauson. Katherine plays varsity volleyball and has decided to commit her talent to Chatum University.

“As soon as I stepped on campus I felt at home,” Clauson said.  

Katherine often spends time working out at practice, or volleyball facilities like Tav. In her success, Katherine found gratitude towards a former coach.

“She pushed me to be a better athlete,” Clauson said. “I play for her.”

Kiana Lowery doing the University of Texas' sign "hook em." She's committed to joining the University of Texas' track team. Photo by: Charolette Gottfried
Kiana Lowery doing the University of Texas’ sign “hook em.” She’s committed to joining the University of Texas’ track team. Photo by: Charlotte Gottfried

Like Katherine, Kiana Lowery, track athlete commit, has made a decision on her future at the University of Texas.

“When I arrived on campus I just got a good feeling in my gut,” Lowery said.

Although Kiana is committed to an athletic scholarship, the educational aspects of UT also played a role in her decision.

“It has a perfect balance of academics, and athletics that I was searching for in a school,” Lowery said.

While these athletes are unsure of what the future brings, they’re hopeful and grateful for the opportunities ahead of them.

“I’m looking forward to all the memories I will make, and I cant wait to see how I develop into a better athlete…on and off the field,” Lowery said.