Recently, administration announced a change to the traffic patterns in the mornings at Klein Cain. This is being done to ease the flow of traffic and create safer crossing areas for those being dropped off.

The morning traffic pattern that is now being enforced. Map courtesy of Ashley Baker.

“For the first week, we had extra police on hand to help drivers get the hand of things,” assistant principal Chase Debord said. “From now on, Mr. Green, our parking lot attendant, will be making sure traffic flows the right way from Cossey Road, and will set out the cones in the morning. I will be outside each morning and Mr. Void will be outside each afternoon to help if problems arise.”

Entering the School

Photo by Nathan DeSimone
The student parking lot at the back of the school. It’s located right next to the courtyard. Photo by: Nathan DeSimone

Student drivers who are parking will enter their parking row from the back of the parking lot. This keeps them away from the drop-off area, making the crossing area safer. To assist in enforcing this, cones will be placed at the front end of each parking row. This will prevent entrance to parking spots from the drop-off line.

“While safety is our number one concern, we also realize traffic needs to be efficient as possible in the mornings,” Debord said. “For students, you can still turn left off Cutten, just like you have always been able to do and get to your parking row quickly without parent traffic in the way in the parking lot.”

Furthermore, drivers approaching from Cossey Road by the practice fields will have to turn right upon reaching the parking lot. From there they will have to enter the drop-off line which is one-way. Meanwhile, student drivers entering from Cutten Road will turn left and enter their parking row from the back of the lot. Many students have had problems getting into school in the mornings. Hopefully, student parking has made easier by the new ruling.

“The number one issue that causes delays right now is when parents stop early in the drop off-line, such as at the auditorium corner, instead of pulling forward and utilizing the entire space of the drop-off line, which goes all the way to the gymnasium,” Debord said. “We are also putting out more communication to families through our Hurricane Happenings┬ánewsletter.”