Klein Cain’s second parking spot painting days and requirements. Photo courtesy of the Klein Cain website

First Coat

With the new school year beginning, the first-ever senior class is paving the way for some new traditions. One of these new traditions entails that students allowed to drive to school this year are now allowed to paint their parking spot. Profits raised from the two scheduled parking spot painting parties are going towards senior prom.

Thanks to Home Depot, students were able to get 20% off of their painting supplies. Furthermore, on the first painting party on August 17, there were many families participating.

Second Chance

However, if students weren’t able to attend the first painting event, there’ll be a chance to participate in another. The next painting party will be on September 7, 2019. In order to participate in it, there are a few stipulations per Mrs. Muckleroy.

An overview of the front section of the student parking lot. Photo courtesy of the Klein ISD Twitter page.
  • Already have purchased a permit
  • Pay $25 through school cash online
  • Sign a parking contract in Office 1400
  • Have your design approved by Mrs. Muckleroy
  • Paint in a 108×108 parking spot

“I think the money is going to a new cause because we are a new school so we don’t have as much money saved up for our prom so this was a good way to make money to help out,” Kaitlyn Smith said.

Four parking spots spelling out the word friends from the sitcom TV show Friends. Photo courtesy of the Klein ISD Twitter page.

With new traditions come newer memories.

“My favorite memory would probably be when my little brother tried to help paint but ended up just sitting in the paint and painting himself,” Smith said.