Bass Fishing Club Moving on to Finals

The Klein Cain fishing club recently made it to state finals. The group, consisting of students Caden Fuentes and David Byrd, advanced on April 20 at Lake Somerville.

“It’s a lot different than other sports because there’s way more techniques and things you have to think about,” Byrd said. “It’s also way more competitive than any other sport I’ve played. We sat out on a boat for three hours once just waiting to fish.”

Fish are very active at certain times of the day, but their frequency can easily falter as well. It’s best to go fishing during dawn or dusk.

Both members of the fishing club had to work hard to make it to the state finals.

“You have to catch at least five to be able to qualify at all, but the size matters as well,” Byrd said.

State meets are normally large events, which might make the competition difficult come the day of the tournament. It doesn’t help that these tournaments are a team effort, and Klein Cain has a smaller roster than other high schools.

“There are six tournaments throughout the year, your score is the average of your catch’s weight,” Fuentes said. “The top 67 teams go to state.”

The state meet will be held on Saturday, May 11, in Dallas, Texas.

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