Preparing for Cheer Tryouts

The time has come again when cheerleaders must face a stressful week of their year, cheer tryouts. Most cheerleaders work year-round to get prepared for tryout week. That will determine if you make junior varsity, varsity, or the freshman team.

“It’s a very stressful time of year in a cheerleader’s life,” Klein Cain cheerleader Jordyn Abalos said.

Here are some of the tips that helps a cheerleader prepare for a good tryout.

Make Sure They Know the Material

How most tryouts usually go is that they’ll learn a cheer, chant, and a dance. Furthermore, they’ll follow along with the instructor as she goes through the motions and techniques.

“You have to take your time and really remember what you’re doing and be sharp when you’re doing it,” Abalos said.

Making sure they know the material is the most important step in tryouts and they can always go back and clean it up when they’re done.

Take Their Time and Breathe

When going through tryouts they must remember to take deep breaths because when they’re trying out they may have the tendency to go fast, and when going fast through the material they might forget to breathe. In addition, breathing is important when saying the words of a chant. It helps them slow down and calms their mind when they feel nervous or anxious.

Practice With Their Friends

Moreover, the can make sure that they practice with friends after they’ve learned the material. It will help them get their skills down and have a more realistic experience.

“I usually go over my friend’s house and we help each go over the material,” Abalos said.

When practicing with a friend, they can critique each other on what they need to work on.

“We take turns watching each other, and give feedback on what needs to be sharper, or cleaner,” Abalos said.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in physical health. The body works to repair muscle, organs, and other cells. Furthermore, it’s crucial that before tryouts they get a good night’s sleep, so they can be at the top of their game the next morning.

”I usually go to sleep around nine or 10 to get fully rested because without sleep I couldn’t function,” Abalos said.

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By: Nathan DeSimone