Teacher of the Year

Tyrone Void Klein Cain's teacher of the year. Photo By: Nathan DeSimone
Tyrone Void Klein Cain’s teacher of the year. Photo by: Nathan DeSimone

Having over a hundred teachers, Klein Cain could only have one teacher of the year. Recently, Tyrone Void has been announced the school’s teacher of the year. Void teaches business education classes, typing, and also coaches basketball. This allows him a variety of student interaction. Void has been teaching for six years with this being his fifth year with Klein ISD. He taught one year at Cinco Ranch High School (Katy ISD), and three at Klein Forest High School (Klein ISD). This is his second year at Klein Cain High School.

“My goal is to be as positive of an influencer as I can be,” Void said. “Even if that means tough love. I try to push students to push themselves in hopes that they will be able to use anything I’ve ever said to them. As far as the school goes, I try to advocate for the unheard. I want every student, teacher, and staff member to feel as though I care about them personally, and that each of them has an opportunity to be and become the best version of themselves.”

How is the Teacher of the Year Selected

There are different ways for a teacher to be nominated. These are the main things that the faculty and staff members look for.

  • Are experts in their field who guide students of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve excellence.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, students, and families to create a school culture of respect and success.
  • Deliberately connect the classroom and key stakeholders to foster a strong community at large.
  • Demonstrate leadership and innovation in and outside of the classroom walls that embodies lifelong learning.
  • Express themselves in an engaging and articulate way.
  • Have been in the district for three or more years.

If they are more relationship-driven with the students and others, and also do whatever it takes to help the students succeed, they are more likely to get nominated.

The Excitement

Teachers being announced Teacher of the Year can mean a lot to them. It sometimes means that the hard work with going to work, teaching kids, putting in grades, and the student interaction has paid off. But even though they got Teacher of the Year, it doesn’t mean that their job is over. In addition, along with being announced the Teacher of the Year, the winner is surprised by administration and counselors.

“I had no idea what to do or think,” Void said. “I definitely wasn’t expecting it.”

Even giving the award can be exciting because they’re proud of the winner and love seeing them become who they are. Principal Nicole Patin was able to congratulate Void for his achievement.

“I was so excited. He is totally deserving of this award,” Patin said. “Void has truly lived up to my vision for teacher involvement and leadership on campus. I have seen him work so hard and put in long hours in the classroom and on the basketball court to represent our Klein Cain Hurricane Family.”

Void has been involved in the school with not just his classes but the students he coaches in the court. He enjoys creating connections and memories with his students.

“His perseverance and dedication has lead him and his students/athletes to a very strong showing on campus, in our district, and in our community,” Patin said. “I am proud to have Coach Void as a staff member here at Klein Cain who exemplifies our CAT 5 Core Values of collaboration, risk-taking, integrity, passion, and problem-solving. He has proven to be a source of leadership, teamwork, dedication, commitment and pride on our new campus. I am so proud of what he has accomplished thus far and am excited to see what the future holds for him.”


Just like anybody else, teachers have bad days where things don’t go according to plan. However, there is always something that keeps them going and motivated. It’s actually a key thing in being the teacher of the year. It can mean having a close relationship with their students, faculty members, other teachers, or just their job in general.

“Initially, my motivation to become a teacher was to coach basketball,” Void said. “However, it has paid off in that now I have a new appreciation for teaching. The occupation has helped me embrace my life’s purpose.”

Moreover, Void appreciates what he’s gained by becoming a teacher. It’s an enormous part of his life and career.

“I really do believe that it is their love for the kids and their passion for what they do,” Patin said. “Sometimes this can be a very stressful and overwhelming job. It’s the people you work with and the students you teach that keep you coming back each and every day. We are very lucky to have a fantastic group of educators at Klein Can that support each other and keep each other going. And, we have some pretty amazing kids here too that give us the strength, energy, and joy to keep going and not give up. After all, if we, as teachers give up, that means we’re giving up on the students, and no one does this job to see students fail and not make it.”