Photo By: Klein Lacrosse
Klein Lacrosse Varsity boy’s Christmas parade. Photo courtesy of Klein Lacrosse.

Players running on a field. Shoving each other, throwing the ball into the air; and scoring. Lacrosse is played with 10 players in the field at a time, and is like soccer and hockey but with a small ball and a stick. Typical formations are set-up in a 4-3-3 format, which showcases four defensive players, three offensive players and three players that can go anywhere on the field. All players, except for the goalkeeper, have to use their sticks to pass, shoot, catch the ball, and carry the ball.

Klein Lacrosse is an organization for youth and high school. It has teams for both girls and boys. The lacrosse organization has been active for 27 years and has teams for K-12 grade students from Klein.

The Damage

In lacrosse, there are plenty of ways to disarm someone that has the ball. All shots have to be above the waist and below the shoulders.

“In lacrosse, you will get a lot of bruises,” sophomore Ryan Deleon said. Deleon is a member of the Klein Lacrosse team.

Sometimes an athlete might get hurt badly to the point that they have to miss a game or a practice. Even though they can’t play, they can still show up to the game and support the team.

What it Includes

The official Klein Lacrosse logo
The official Klein Lacrosse logo

Depending on what team and grade someone is in, the schedule may vary. For the high school grade level team, it includes the following.

  • One out of town tournament (Aggieland, Feb.).
  • Four practices per week. Monday-Thursday, 7-9:00 pm @ Klein Oak.
  • Games will vary between weekday evenings and weekends.

Players must pay for two uniforms, a practice pinnie, a helmet, and their tournament fees (not travel expenses). They are also required to own a stick, oads (shoulder and elbow), gloves, cleats (no spikes) and a mouthpiece.

For the registration, go to the Klein Lacrosse Club website.

Regular registration date and time is Aug. 21, 2019 – February 15, 2020.

Regular Registration Cost: $1,300.00 – $1,740.00