What it’s Like Studying the Medical Field at Klein Cain and being a part of the Department’s Growing Legacy

Klein Cain HOSA members and medical students. Photo courtesy of the Klein Cain HOSA website.
Klein Cain HOSA members and medical students. Photo courtesy of the Klein Cain HOSA website.

Studying different health science fields, traveling to hospitals, and collaborating with certified teachers is a normal day for many medical students. In order to pursue a career in health and medicine, students need extensive knowledge and practice during their education. There has been an increasing interest to become more involved in the number of health classes here at Klein Cain, as well as pursue careers in this area. Therefore, students get to save time learning crucial information now so they can one day save their patient’s lives.

Thankfully for students, teachers Wendy Avery and Danielle Banks have been repeatedly working to keep the health science program functional. They’ve been teaching students to the best of their ability and hope to inspire them and follow their dream.

“By taking the Health Science pathway classes, students can be ready for a variety of careers in the medical field, including but not limited to nursing, pharmacy, emergency medicine, and all of the medical fields,” the teachers said.

There are specific classes students can enroll in to study certain fields or careers. They can even conduct their own research and collaborate with the teachers throughout the year. There’s information on the Course Catalog with what classes are offered in the school district.

“In our classes, students learn about most of the medical fields since they focus on the foundations of medicine,” they said. “Students about the human body and how it functions, how medicine has it’s own language and how to decode it, and the many different career opportunities available in the healthcare field.” 

Careers and Pathways

Moving on to the future as they leave high school, students can be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices available. Colleges and workforce careers have a multitude of options for people to become enrolled in such as pharmacology and dermatology.

“There are several Health Science pathways available here at Klein Cain including Medical Sciences, Clinical Rotations, Pharmacy Technician, and hopefully Emergency Medical Technician,” the teachers said.

There are classes and pathways available to students’ specific needs and interests. It’s a very broad department that has something for nearly everyone wanting to get in that field.

“By being able to take these classes at the high school level, students can easily determine whether or not medicine is a good career choice for them, saving lots of time and money in the future,” the teachers said. “In addition, a couple of our programs offer industry certifications, allowing the student to begin earning more than minimum wage right out of high school.”

The HOSA Organization

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is the organization many students have become enrolled in here at Cain. This is an essential organization for some students since it teaches them about the field and offers hands-on opportunities.

“HOSA is an international organization, originally chartered in Texas in 1976,” the teachers said.

It’s been creating lasting experiences and memories for many, and Cain students have enjoyed taking part in it. HOSA even provides them chances to participate in volunteering services.

“In addition to meeting new people and bonding with others who share an interest in health-related career goals, the students in our HOSA organization provide community service and have the option to participate in more than 50 competitive events,” the teachers said.

Preparing For the Future

With the abundance of choices, it might seem difficult for students trying to figure everything out. However, once they find out what they want to do, they can figure out their path for the future. Not just in high school, but even after college once they graduate.

“If a student is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, we recommend that they look at the courses needed at the college they are interested in and prepare for those college courses by taking similar ones in high school,” the teachers said. “In addition, we recommend becoming involved in extracurricular opportunities such as HOSA-Future Health Professionals.”

Maintaining the Legacy

Lately, Klein Cain has started to surpass expectations and created a sustainable program in their health department. From the promising HOSA group to the many health classes, administration and staff continue to be impressed by their accomplishments.

“We think the legacy being established by the inaugural classes and HOSA members is phenomenal,” the teachers said. “Our pathway continues to grow, as does our HOSA group.”

Cain’s medical program has gained the attention of many, similarly to Klein High School. This has reportedly been a big deal for students and teachers considering it’s a two year school.

“We’ve had at least five members earn their way to State Competition both years and even had one make it to the International level…,” the teachers said. “It has been an amazing start and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.”