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Communications Crusader

Yesterday, Tempest Radio interviewed Justin Elbert, the Assistant Director of Communications for Klein ISD. Tempest Host Sterling Wilkinson asked Elbert a series of questions, mostly pertaining to how Elbert manages Klein ISD’s social media presence. Eli York and Kylie Hendryx joined the conversation, helping to conduct the borderline interrogation of the district staffer.

Elbert is probably most known for (anonymously) being the man behind the Klein ISD Instagram account. He has conducted multiple contests that students could participate in, such as a meme competition last year. Elbert is also famous for sparring with students in his accounts comment sections.

Recently, when the popular student website coolmathgames.com was blocked by the district, he asked students to get the Instagram page to 15,000 followers in order to get the site unblocked. This move was controversial among students, with some equating it to ransom. However, according to Elbert, the website was blocked on accident and would’ve been unblocked regardless. Elbert did reach his goal, and currently, the account sits at 14.6 thousand followers.

Elbert is in charge of making sure that students and community members have information about events in Klein schools. Through his efforts to make sure that Klein ISD’s social media accounts can supply students with anything they need, the accounts have amassed a huge following of students.

Instagram Famous

Klein ISD’s Instagram account is currently the most followed school district account in North America. However, Elbert stated that he has no current plans to make a presence on any other platforms, such as Snapchat.

Elbert says that having a presence on social media is incredibly important to the district. He believes that parents and students must be aware of their district’s social media accounts. Therefore, you must do things with their accounts that makes them entertaining and appealing to viewers.

Anyone can find Klein’s social media accounts at @kleinisd on Instagram and @KleinISD on Twitter. Don’t forget to sign up for @Cain.Live on Instagram and @kleincainlive on Twitter while you’re at it.