What Did You Just Call Me?

Diversified cultures, foods, and languages are all things existent in today’s society. Every day people learn something new and unique to what they’ve already known. While this cultural diffusion can be positive, often times the good comes with the bad. Things like racial slurs, offensive derogatory speech, and slangs have corrupt the mouths, minds of the elders, and youth. Starting in our early youth between the ages 1-3 toddlers are in a stage of what’s know as Echolalia. Echolalia is a stage in toddlerhood where they repeat any, and everything they’ve heard. They not only pick up the slurs others carelessly use, but they also teach it to new and innocent minds around them.

With these offensive words spreading like wildfire, it becomes a “trend”, and something that society says is “ok”. Although some words might be more offensive to one person rather than the next, common sense tells us the words people should and shouldn’t say. Having these social manners should be as easy as putting on a decent pair of pants or shorts. These household manners that are taught should be something that stays with people along the trials and tribulations everyone faces, instead of losing them in a way to offend someone who’s offended people themselves.  Commenting on someones economic status, color, preference, or culture, is simply not ok.  If society stopped to think of how the weight of their words impacted someone, everyone’s lives might be different.

Why Freedom Of Speech Has Become An Issue

If everyone hopes to change society in a positive way, they can’t stand around and wait for someone to speak their mind. Freedom of speech is no doubt important, it’s how people express themselves. Though everyone has this right, it’s important to remember that just because they can speak freely, it does not mean that consequences don’t follow. Have you ever stopped to think of the impact of your words on others? Have you ever stopped to think of how someone’s words impacted you? These simple considerations can be the difference between a fight, and a good time.

People should simply think before they speak, and if they’re on the fence whether or not they should say it, the chances are they shouldn’t.