SNO Awards Cain Live The Site Excellence Badge

SNO Site Excellence awarded to Cain Live.
SNO Site Excellence awarded to Cain Live.
SNO Site Excellence awarded to Cain Live.

SNO, or School Newspapers Online, recently awarded Cain Live with their Site Excellence award. This award makes them one of only nine sites in Texas with that honor so far for the 2018-19 school year. They are also currently the only school in Klein ISD to receive the award this year.

SNO is a publishing site specifically for scholastic news programs. The organization gives out annual awards to school newspapers that seem fit, and this year they decided to award Cain Live their Site Excellence Award. This award is given to school newspapers who’ve websites have “customized their homepage beyond the initial SNO design with a clear sense of purpose for every element on the homepage.”

An award of national recognition is huge for Cain Live, a newspaper that has only been operating for two years.

“It feels pretty cool. We worked really hard to get this far, even with a small staff. If it wouldn’t have been for Mr. Elbert’s help, we would not have gotten this far,” junior Enrique Paz said. Paz is the Editor-in-chief of Cain Live.

Winning the SNO Site Excellence Award is a great way for Cain Live to end 2018, and the awards may even still be coming. SNO has other awards in categories such as writing, media, and coverage.

“Everything is thanks to him and the staff that we have here. Their articles are amazing,” Paz said. “I can’t wait for the future to see what other awards we can achieve and what we can accomplish.”

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