The first semester of the 2018-2019 school year at Klein Cain is about to end, and with that comes the dreaded midterm exams. Unlike year-end exams, which are excusable, there is no getting out of the winter midterms. Because of this, everyday this month has become increasingly more stressful as students prepare themselves for their big exams.

For many students, the finals themselves are not what makes finals so difficult, but the preparation. “The hardest part of studying for finals is figuring out where to start,” junior Robert Carney said. “But once you get past that it’s just review. It’s easy work but there is a lot of it. That’s the part that overwhelms people, I think.”

Other students stress about finals due to how easy it is for a grade to a falter due to a bad grade on a final. “Finals make up a large portion of your grade in a class,” junior Brian Esparza said. “And I think that’s kind of unfair. One bad test grade should not effect your entire grade to the extent that a final can. I also don’t know we can excuse the ones next year and not this year.”

Finals are being held this week, from Dec. 17th to the 20th. The only day where students will be released early is Dec. 20. Finals make up 10% of an overall semester grade for a class. It is worth noting that finals are not equivalent to AP exams and should not be mistaken as such.