Klein Cain Science Club Grows as an Organization

The Klein Cain Science Club
Photo by: Social Officer Brianna Pellerin

A few months ago, Klein Cain’s Science Club officially opened inviting everyone to join and have fun. Students Jeana Joo and Carolina Romero wanted to create a club where people came together and learned about science. Since then, members have joined and have begun to plan out the club’s future.

“Science club is really just a place where people can come to practice science and we go to competitions,” Joo said.

So far there’s been a small number of people that joined, and officers have been looking for new members. If anybody is interested, they can let members know or show up at a meeting to receive a permission form. The club is open to the entire student body.

“They can just let anyone in the group know and then we’ll get a form to them so that they can join,” Romero said.

They’re looking forward to expanding the organization as they make it known throughout the school.

“It’s a really cool experience and we want to share that experience with other people,” Joo said. “We’re hoping to grow because our club is currently really small.”

Members that have already signed up are striving to be welcoming and thoughtful of their peers. As they’re continuously learning about different subjects, they’ll keep on collaborating and teaching each other many different facts and ideas.

“Everyone is just really knowledgeable and so we can learn from each other and that’s always really cool because it’s better to learn from a friend rather than a website,” Joo said.

There are chances to attend competitions as they continue to work for goals they aspire to achieve.

“We’re trying to aim to make a strong team for March and if not we’ll just prepare for next years’, and what’s cool is that the material also applies to other competitions,” Romero said. “There’s a math sponsored event called TMSCA and that one also has a science portion which is very similar to the type of material we practice and that’s like year round.”

A science club poster in one of the hallways
Photo by: Enrique Paz

Meetings are Fridays after school in room 2205. People can follow their Instagram account @kleincain_sc where they keep the public up to date on what’s going on.

“It’s just like a really welcoming group of people and they’re all so dedicated to it so everyone gets to grow together,” Romero said.