The Fall Midterm season is approaching Klein Cain High School at a rapid pace. The forthcoming of these midterms can cause questions to arise and stress to overcome students.

Students studying for the Fall Midterm
Students studying for the Fall Midterm. Photo by: Tonia Bloomingberg.

How To Study

When preparing for a midterm, studying can be a grueling process. A few simple steps can lead to a successful score.

  • Plan ahead of time
  • Review Material (Notes, Study Guides, Test, Etc.)
  • Take Breaks
  • Form a study group
  • Exercise

Studying the night before is not enough, study ahead of time. Begin to study three to four days before the actual exam to benefit with memorization.¬†Also, review¬†material when you don’t understand a specific problem or question. Use notes, reviews, or even old tests.

The most important thing to remember when studying is to always take breaks. When studying for exams it can be difficult to maintain a consistent focus. Taking 15-30 minute breaks can help restore focus but try avoiding social media during a break.