Klein Cain offers many sports that bring together athletes as a family. One of these sports is tennis. Tennis is a game that is typically played as doubles or two players on each side, and singles, or 1v1.

This year at Cain was our first ever year of varsity where we went 9-3. Coach Dustin Goedde emphasized the hard work, and dedication it takes to be apart of a team like this. “Competition is stiff, and we work hard,” Goedde said.“We practice every week, and I like the direction we’re heading”.

The tenacity of these athletes  is a common trait amongst the team.4:09 “I’m really proud to be a part of this team,” Ria Patel said. “We’re really hard working people.” So far tennis has competed in matches, and tournaments where they received medals, and cheesy pictures for their victories.

While tennis can be serious these athletes have learned to find the fun in the game and enjoy the sweetness of the moment. “It’s a really good environment, and everyone has fun,” Ellie Schiff said. “We’re all confident, and supportive of each other….we’ve worked so hard”.