Letterman Jackets Arriving Soon

Some of last year's students with their letterman jackets.

On Oct. 16th, students who qualified for a letterman jacket got fitted at the cafeteria. Students eagerly waited to show off their jackets, though they didn’t know when they would be delivered. Recently, a representative from SSR Jackets released information to Cain Live about the letterman jackets also explaining when they’d arrive.

Cain Live reached out to SSR Jackets for information and was able to contact Norm Bodet, CFO/VP of Operations.

“We will ship the Klein Cain jackets to the school towards the end of this week, it may take a few days to check them in and hand them out to students,” Bodet said.

Once they arrive, the jackets will be distributed to students who turned in their form on the due date.

“You will likely receive them by early next week at the latest,” Bodet said.

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