Multicultural Event at Klein ISD

Girls in their Mexican-themed costumes dancing in the auditorium on Saturday in front of a crowd at the multicultural event.

District Organizations Host a Multicultural Event at Klein Cain

On Saturday, Dec. 1, the district’s Guiding Coalition and Multilingual Services hosted a multicultural event at Klein Cain from 12-4 p.m. All of the schools were welcome to participate and portray information of cultures from around the world. Furthermore, many people from the community attended the event and were able to enjoy the diversity and activities it had to offer throughout the day.

Those participating created literacy activities, cultural booths, a book fair, and even more events and attractions. Everyone was able to learn fun facts during their time there, and they even got to eat foreign cuisines prepared by volunteers. Teachers and students alike had worked together, and also tried to create a lively environment welcoming to visitors.

“It was very fun. I had a great time with my friends and learning about different cultures,” HOLA club member Sarah Guerrero said.

“Joyfully Transforming the World Together” -P2P United

Organizations participated and spent time with kids informing them about countries, and also taught them about traditions involved. For example, one of the organizations being HOLA club, sponsored by Klein Cain Spanish teacher Katie Adan, was there teaching dance moves and styles.

The Klein Forest booth located in the cafeteria. Photo by: Enrique Pa

“We played Hispanic music, danced a lot, and we showed people how to dance to Hispanic music,” Guerrero said.

However, there wasn’t just Latin culture available, there was also a multitude of ethnicities. Moreover, many of those which are based in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

“I saw the Moo House Cafe booth in the Asia section, and then I tried the tea and it was delicious,” Guerrero said. “I also saw Indian girls wearing their traditional dresses, and I saw little kids doing a traditional Mexican dance.”

The different branches of culture shown meant to include many Klein ISD students, as well as the staff. Because of this, the district made it one of their top priorities to involve everyone in the community.

“The purpose of the event was to expose the community to the diversity within our district and to celebrate the cultures of every kind,” Blackshear Elementary counselor Lori Bourgeois said.

In addition to attending, Bourgeois was there showing the culture quilt that Blackshear made which represented every culture within their school. In addition, the Culture for Caring Club even worked with the teachers and students to help make it. Overall, Bourgeois and guests enjoyed seeing everyone united, and they admired the performances made.

“The performances were my favorite and I enjoyed seeing how adults, children, and teenagers worked together to celebrate themselves and their culture,” Bourgeois said.


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By: Enrique Paz

Girls in their Mexican-themed costumes dancing in the auditorium on Saturday in front of a crowd.
Girls in their Mexican-themed costumes dancing in the auditorium on Saturday in front of a crowd.
Photo by: Nathan DeSimone

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