The varsity football team and cheerleaders waving at the crowd during the second to last varsity football game. Photo by: Enrique Paz

After having numerous players sprinting in fields, hours of practice, and games against rivals, the football season has finally ended. There will be no more Friday night football games or fans huddled, cheering on players and devouring concession stand food. Athletes appreciate what their sport or activity gives them.

“I love how it teaches us hard work and determination,” varsity player Alex Presley said. “Because it’s not just about football it’s about not giving up in life and not letting our opponent, whoever it might be or whatever it is, win.”

Players, Caniacs, and cheerleaders alike have looked back at the fall season and remembered everything it took to get them to where they ended up. It took blood, sweat, and tears for athletes, but in the end, they pushed through the obstacles they encountered. Players have continued to form bonds and learn to work together. Even with the time and effort, they’ve had to sacrifice and put in, Presley acknowledged how far they’ve grown.

“We have grown as a football family,” Presley said.

Looking back at the school’s first-ever Varsity season, athletes have looked back and acknowledged how far the team has evolved. Noticing their development from their previous year and practices, they feel proud of what they’ve achieved.

“When we first came together it was a bunch of different schools coming together as one but we worked hard as team and family,” Presley said.

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By: Enrique Paz