Polls will become available starting this week where students will be provided the opportunity to vote what they would be interested to see the principal, Nicole Patin,  participate in on camera.

“We’re going to start a new series ‘Patin Participates’. We’ll have polls for you guys to take on Cain Live, and Mrs. Patin will be engaging in what you, the students, want her to do,” anchor Sara Davidson said.

The polls will be uploaded on the website and the Cain Live Instagram account, and the result will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Everyone should check in at the beginning of each consecutive month to see what the poll is about.

“I’m actually really excited about it, this is something I’ve been wanting to do since last year. It gives me the opportunity to be involved with a lot more things on campus and to kind of make those connections with a lot of you guys so that I can be a part of some of the things that you guys are passionate about,” Patin said.


Winner: Patin tries out for the school musical, James and the Giant Peach.