Cross-Country State-Qualifier


Hundreds of students gathered this morning near Hurricane Alley to view today’s parade. The parade spotlit Klein Cain varsity cross-country athlete and state-qualifier, Katherine Semadeni right before she left for Round Rock, Texas (near Austin).

At Round Rock, Katherine will compete among other Texas cross-country state-qualifiers in a 5K meter race.

“Honestly, when I found out I made it to state I was a little overwhelmed about all of the training I was going to have to do to prepare,” Semadeni said.

“My peers and coaches were very proud of my accomplishment of making it to state,” Semadeni said. “They were even more excited about it than I was!”

During practices, Katherine says she trains her hardest– consistently pushing her limits.

“I gave 110%.”

Similarly, she also pushes her limits during meets.

“When it came to meets I would leave it all on the course. I would run as fast as I could so it would be over sooner– to the point where I would have to have help standing after a race because I could not stand on my own without falling. It wasn’t easy,” Semadeni said. “But because of all of this, I was able to make it to the state level.”

And according to Katherine, she said she enjoyed being seen by the school before leaving for Round Rock.

“It was so cool to see everyone cheering me on at the parade pep-rally even though it was really awkward to having everyone staring at me,” Semadeni said. To see more sports news, click on the link: