A look into the 2018-19 Band

The Marching Band performing stand tunes during a football game. Photo by: Enrique Paz

Constant after school rehearsals, hours of marching under the hot sun, and sheets of music to memorize before their next performance, the band endures their challenges with hard work and determination. The marching band performs at every varsity football game in the stands and on the field. They hype up the crowd with stand tunes and the school fight song from the very start of the game and also perform during Halftime like the Legacies do.

Matthew Saunders playing music on the field. Photo by: Enrique Paz

Drum majors Helene Rosborough, Laura Murphy, Matthew Gomez, and Kylie Woodrell are leading and conducting the band this year. The 2017-18 Band show is titled Resolve and has its own unique theme like the one from the year prior.

“It’s like overcoming your struggles,” saxophonist Matthew Saunders said.

With over a hundred students in their program, each member has the job to attend every rehearsal and practice their music while also memorizing their coordinates on the practice field. Mastering each of these skills requires hours of work once they get their new music throughout the season and perform appropriate marching technique.

“You have no time for school work, and it drains you physically,” Saunders said. “It makes it worth it being with your friends.”

Members typically have rehearsal almost every day each week which lasts a few hours and takes place outside on the practice field next to the cafeteria on the side of the school facing Ulrich Intermediate. At first, they start with basics which means everybody goes to form their section lines in the field and get ready for normal marching routine. Afterward, they pick up their coordinate sheets and after a quick water break, head back to their assigned dot for whatever set they’re starting on.

“Our long rehearsals are 3 days a week and we rehearse a bit on game day,” Saunders said.

The pit and drumline are sections made up of instruments such as the percussion instruments and cymbals. These sections are led by Linden Settles, Haley Clark, and their director Brian Perez.

Nathan DeSimone performing in the pit. Photo by: Enrique Paz

“I like having friends as family in the pit,” Nathan DeSimone said.

The Band is excited for this new year and more challenging drill than the one from the year before as they’re wanting to grow to into a better more experienced organization.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the work we’ve put in together and see it come to its final piece,” Saunders said.

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