October Spotlight

Simran Tahir

Sophomore Simran Tahir has exhibited Klein Cain core values and shown dedication through her work at school. Tahir is taking a variety of science and health courses so she can further advance her studies in the medical field and one day study at Cambridge University in order to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. As of now, she’s already involved in some of the school’s organizations including HOSA and Student Council.

“My favorite class in Medical Terminology or Child Development, either one of those. Medical Terminology because of all the memorizing and new things I get to learn every day, and Child Development because I love the concept of learning about children and those two are like really simple classes for me because that’s what I want to achieve in the future,” Tahir said.

Her friends enjoy being around her knowing that she’s there for them when times are rough or if they need a helping hand in difficult situations. Tahir has made friends in all of her classes and is willing to place them before herself at any time.

“She’s a very considerate person, and whenever you want to talk she listens and she’s there, and if you need a friend you can always just depend on her,” Kalynn Dowling said.

The school has created an impact on Tahir, and she values all the memories and relationships she’s made with both the students and staff.

“I like the people, the energy, the teachers, and staff members,” Tahir said.

Tahir has high hopes for the future and has more goals which she plans to accomplish by the end of the year. By doing so, she also hopes to brighten everyone’s day as much as she can.

“I want to be involved in school a lot more, I want all A’s and B’s, and I want to be able to spread more happiness around the school, good vibes only,” Tahir said.