On Oct 4, Klein Cain Freshmen Purple went head to head with the Woodland Highlanders. During the game the teams were in play when the lights began to flicker, and eventually shut completely off. The stands immediately reacted while the players used this time to collect their breath and their focus.

Freshmen purple quarterback Carson Roper amped up the team while the lights were out, and kept their energy to ensure they would dominate when the lights came back on. The sports announcer and the coaches from both schools assured everyone that there was no need to panic, and everyone was perfectly safe. With everything under control the team began leading each other with chants and uplifting words. After about 15 minutes the lights came back on and the energy in the crowd was electric. The sports announcer then addressed the crowd why the lights went out, and that the game would indeed go on.

The teams set on the field , and the game went on leading to a momentous Klein Cain victory with the final score being 42-24. The crowd showed their enthusiasm with chants like “reign Cain” and “go hurricanes”. Though the lights going out might have disrupted the energy of the game, both teams fought hard.

Klein Cain freshmen football used this time to collect themselves making Klein Cain students parents, and staff proud to be apart of something greater as a team.

Photo by: http://www.kleincainfootball.com/photos