The Tempest Podcast is a student-run radio outlet that produces content multiple times a week.

Recently, Tempest Radio, the newest addition to the Hurricane Journalism family, released their third episode of the year. For the duration of the school year, episodes from the podcast show will now be uploaded on a bi-weekly basis on their website.

“Tempest Radio and Podcast is Klein Cain’s radio outlet and a part of the Cain Live program,” one of the show’s hosts Eli York said. “[It] focuses on a wide variety of topics and dives into specific topics in the Tempest crews’ personal shows.”

Staffs’ Own “Tailored” Podcasts

For the radio outlet program, four of the staff members host their own “tailored” podcast catered to their interests in addition to the main Tempest show. Each hosts’ tailored podcast releases an episode every two weeks [separate from the main podcast].

“The hosts are Sterling Wilkinson, me, Eli York, and Kylie Hendryx. Sterling’s show is about how humans interact with each other [kind of like a social psychology show], mine is about everything related to music, Eli’s is gaming and tech, and Kylie’s is about paranormal stuff and her own interests too,” sophomore Ricky Moctezuma said. “Sterling’s [show] is called ‘The Kimbal Experiment, mine is called ‘Soundcheck’, not sure what Kylie’s is yet, and Eli’s is called ‘The Joystick’.”

The Podcast Room, streaming content to Photo by: Enrique Paz

During class, each host devotes time to his or her personalized show as well as the main one, either recording or editing a current podcast or writing an outline for the next podcasts.

“We either write or record our main podcast or record our own [personal] shows on occasion,” York said. “We usually edit our episodes in Landfall and have the episode ready to listen to after that.”

Radio Station in 2019

By next year, the Tempest crew even plans to have a radio station that students can tune into from cars or an AM/FM radio.

“The radio [station] is a dream of our that we are working on. However, before we can do anything, we have to get proper licensing and equipment. I wouldn’t see it come this year but definitely next year,” Sterling Wilkinson said.