This year, already a few clubs (such as “CODE” Club, Fishing Club, etc.) have sprung up around the school. One of those being the ESports Club. Sponsored by Eric Cloninger and Nicole Zachary, the club already boasts a 120 member count, becoming one of the largest clubs on campus. “ESports is about competing in video-games,” Klein Cain sophomore Bennett Oliver said. “You can play a variety of games like– Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League– any game you want… for fun or competitively.” Currently, the club is also enrolled in a national organization for high-schoolers to compete nationally called “HSEL”, or “High School ESports League”. “It’s an organization funded by companies such as Twitch and Optic Gaming,” Klein Cain junior and ESports President, Bobby Conklin said. “[For the organization] We currently have two teams of Overwatch, one team of League of Legends, two teams for Rainbow Six: Siege, one team for CS: GO [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive], and over 10 Fortnite players.” During the year, the league hosts two seasons/majors for clubs around the nation to compete in. These two being: Fall Major and Spring Major. “We actually have already started our competitions, and most of our teams are currently undefeated,” Conklin said. “Currently, competitions give you points. Every win gives you points, and that increases your ‘seed’ (your ranking in the tournaments). The higher-seeded teams will move on to Playoffs where they will compete for large prizes and possibly make it to Finals.” While teams compete during Playoffs and Finals, college recruiters from around the nation will be spectating those teams on and Youtube. Recruiters from those schools such as Illinois College, a college that specializes in League of Legends, can handpick players from those teams and offer them scholarship awards of up to $20,000. Currently, there are no other schools with an ESports club in the district. “It’s just crazy Klein Cain is giving us this opportunity to embrace our gamer powers,”  Oliver said.