Preparing for Newcoming

Cain mom makes Newcoming mums for students

Klein Cain’s very own Newcoming is back and better. On Oct 20, Newcoming is back with a whole new theme “Under the Sea”. Newcoming is a dance that welcomes everyone to dance with dates, friends, and have a good time. Homecoming, like the term Newcoming, means coming back from home to school for one memorable dance. Since Klein Cain was just established in August 2017, there is no graduating class making this a “New”coming.

There are many Traditions for Newcoming. This year one of the most popular traditions is Newcoming Mums. Not everyone has time to make these decorative symbols of tradition, however, Klein Cain mom Melissa Sanchez will be making and donating mums for developmental students this year.

Making mums can be time-consuming with studies and their after-school obligations. In light of this, Sanchez will be teaming up with a couple of parents and students involved in cheerleading, Yearbook, Student Council, and the B.E.S.T Buddies club in order to make this possible. Mums are typically made with streamers, small stuffed toys, and bells. This year Sanchez will be making them by hand for each developmental student so that they can wear and show off their enthusiasm for the dance. The mums will be finished and brought up to school the day before the donation so they can be worn with pride the day prior. Klein Cain mom Susan Rangel showed just how appreciative parents are to have their children be a part of something amazing.

“Big thank you to her and her business for her dedication, time, and resources to this initiative,” Rangel said.

Newcoming is about bringing people together, and by making and donating these mums they’ve done just that. Students, parents, and staff helped make it so everyone at Cain could be a part of the dance and greater as a team.

What the theme of this year’s dance is. (Not an actual picture of the school) Photo by:

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