On Wednesday of this week, the nation’s first ever Presidential Alert Test will occur at 1:18 p.m, which has been scheduled by the federal government. The alert will affect everyone’s cell phones and possibly interrupt class for a while once it starts.

“An alert that is similar to an AMBER Alert will sound during this time and cannot be silenced by opting out,” associate principal Joel Wren said.

Photo from www.live5news.com

However, if phones are off during the test, the alarm will happen as soon as the device is turned on. There will also be a Broadcast Emergency Alert happening at 1:20 p.m. These tests aren’t meant to cause any real alarm, and are only practice of what it would be like if an actual nationwide emergency took place.

“Although we don’t anticipate the test lasting longer than a few minutes, we are uncertain in the exact length of time,” Klein ISD stated on their website.

You can see their full post here.