Every season parents come out to watch their kids bring pride to the school. Parents bring their loudest voices, and their biggest signs ready to root for their kids, however, conditions outside don’t always allow this to happen. Often times weather makes it so delays are set on games leaving the athletes, and parents frustrated.

Conditions like lightning can be fatal to people watching the game. Not only does lightning generate 300 Kilovolts of energy, but it can also heat up to a mind boggling 50,000 degrees. Being struck by this magnitude of energy can be fatal to humans resulting in extreme respiratory complications, cardiac arrest, and in some tragic cases death.

In efforts to keep all athletes, and parents safe;

UIL rules state that if thunder and lightning are 30 seconds apart the team must go inside, and take cover for at least 30 minutes.

After it is clear, and there is no sign of lightning or thunder for at least 30 minutes then the game or activity can continue. If conditions do not change, and the weather remains dangerous a game or activity can be canceled or postponed until a later date. UIL rules also state these procedures help ensure that dangerous weather conditions don’t compromise anyone’s safety. These meticulous safety actions are practiced in schools all around Texas to achieve this common goal of safety. Procedures like these require leaders who are quick to think and act.

Klein Cain Football coaches often think ahead, and check weather conditions so that they may be cautious, and prepared for potentially dangerous conditions. Coaches are trained to know this procedure and execute it efficiently without having any complications. Having a procedure this thorough can be the difference between life, or death in someone who simply wanted to enjoy playing, or watching a game.

Though this procedure can be tedious to those who are hastily looking forward to watching the game; UIL placed these rules to ensure the safety of the students, parents, and staff, so they must be followed in order to successfully keep every event friendly, safe, and fun.