Next week, the Klein Cain Theatre program is expected to debut their first production of the year, Play On! Stage managed by Klein Cain sophomore Jackson Bradley, the production is a comedy focusing on a theatre group desperately trying to put on a play despite infuriating intrusion from an arrogant author who keeps revising the script. The show will be played throughout the course of three days.

“For ‘Play On!’, we’re having three [shows],” Klein Cain sophomore Wilson Robinson said. “Sept 20, 21, and 22.”

Right now, tickets for next week’s show, Play On! are also available. Their second production of the year, Bad Seed, is based on a novel of the same name.

Bad Seed focuses on a seemingly ideal little girl by the name of Rhoda Penmark, who is able to charm her way into obtaining just about anything she desires except for a medal that her teacher has awarded to Claude Daigle, one of Rhoda’s classmates. And after a school trip near the shore, Claude goes missing.

“Right after Play On! We’re starting like—next week afterward we’re starting our auditions for the Bad Seed,” Robinson said.

And finally, the musical. Recently, the theatre program announced that their musical would be James and the Giant Peach, which— like Bad Seed, is based on a novel of the same name.

“For musical we work with—we work with just about everybody,” Robinson said. “Band, orchestra, and choir.”

James and the Giant Peach focuses on James, an orphaned British boy forced to live with his vile aunts. But one day, he stumbles upon an immense peach. After rolling the immense peach into the ocean, James sets sail for New York accompanied by a group of amiable talking insects. Expected to be the largest production of the year, the musical will congregate many of Cain’s fine arts’ programs to produce the show.

“[You can buy the tickets at:] or at the door for $7,” Bradley said.