Hurricane season is here and bringing a storm. The main question that sits silently in the air is “Am I prepared?.” Last year around this time, Houston, Texas experienced a devastating hurricane leaving behind broken homes, washed away memories, and an unforgettable terror. In the process of this natural disaster, streets, workplaces, and schools flooded with water. Here’s a few ways you can prepare before the unexpected happens again.

Stock up on emergency supplies

During a storm it is difficult to leave your house and be able to reach a store in close proximate without the risk of an accident. Stocking up on everyday essentials and emergency supplies beforehand would lead everyone one step closer to being prepared. A few suggested items would be preservable food, water, flashlights, prescribed medication, first aid kit, and much more.

Radio/beneficial electronics

Power outages are common and dangerous in these situations. Without any power, people won’t be able to listen to any updated new events. The next step to being prepared includes acquiring a wireless portable radio. A portable radio will keep you updated with all of the recent events or damage the storm has caused.

Preparation plan to leave

An important procedure someone could take when preparing for a hurricane is always having an evacuation plan. If the hurricane reaches the category of a four or five the safest idea is to leave. Having a pre-planned outline of where to go and who you’re staying with can be beneficial in this deadly situation. Hurricane season is here and can strike again at any second.