When someone pictures a football game they picture loudspeakers, cheerleaders, roaring fans, and the aroma of cheesy nachos from the concessions stand. Lost in the excitement, one of the players goes down, and Trainers rush to the field to ensure no one has been harmed, the game continues. For Football players this moment happens everyday, people get hurt, and trainers come to the rescue. Varsity Klein Cain Football player Aaron Jordan has explained what the Athletic Trainers mean to him whenever he’s out on the field.

“Y’all are always there to help out, and we need you guys,” Jordan said.

Athletic Trainer Demisha Crawford has stated that getting to know the team has even made her a better trainer and improved the way she’s able to help out the team.

“Being an Athletic trainer is important to me it requires a lot of hard work,” Crawford said. “Staying late long nights really pays off in the end.”

Hard work is imperative to become a trainer. According to National Athletic Trainers Association, to be an Athletic trainer you must have a Bachelors and/or Masters degree in an Athletic trainers Program, and you must also pass an exam given by the “BOC” or the Board of Certification. Athletic training has its rare form of beauty that can be missed over the plays, flashing lights, and sports announcer.

“I enjoy being a trainer because i get to see people at their lowest point,” Crawford said. “I especially enjoy seeing people build back up from that point.”