Former Bearkat joins the Hurricanes

Former bearkat Terrin Bourgeois has transferred to Klein Cain after attending Klein High for two years. Due to issues with the school district no longer offering bus transportation to Klein High students that are technically zoned to Klein Cain, Bourgeois has had to make the decision of choosing between schools by evaluating the pros and cons.

“The main reason I transferred to Cain was that my neighborhood was affected by the TRE transportation cut, but I was also considering moving schools because I have more friends at Cain and Cain is a lot more convenient than Klein was,” Bourgeois said.

She’s had the opportunity to reunite with friends after they had parted ways at the end of their freshman year. Though she left a few of them back at KHS after switching schools, there were many friends Bourgeois got to see again after a long time.

“Cain is closer to my house, so I wake up later and get home sooner than I did at Klein. Like I said before, I have more friends at Cain that I do at Klein,” Bourgeois said. “Last year, I had one class where I had friends, and now I have friends in every class at Cain. I feel like the people are friendlier at Cain too.”

Her new school has offered many benefits, not just with getting to reunite with friends, but also academically. With less competition she’s getting the chance to increase her rank and reach the top of her class. She’s also at the top Orchestra now, which is better than where she was at Klein. Overall both school have offered the same opportunities, so she hasn’t been missing Klein as much as she thought she would.

“Honestly, I feel like I have about the same amount of opportunities as I did at Klein, I was president of French Club, in a varsity orchestra, and in the top 8 percent of my class,” Bourgeois said. “Klein Cain doesn’t have a French Club at the moment, but I’m hoping there will be a French Club in the near future.”