The 2022 world cup has captured the attention of soccer fans all over the world, and as the most famous soccer tournament in the world comes to an end, fans have begun to say their guesses on who they think will be winning this year’s world cup.

“I believe Argentina has the best chance of taking it home because they have a legendary superstar, and all around have a very talented roster,” said Cristian Cragno

After their victory against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals round, Argentina moves a step closer to making history as they enter the semi-finals game of the world cup. Argentina hasn’t won a world cup for a while, and with their highly skilled team, plus Messi who’s been able to lead his team to countless trophies in the past, it’s arguably possible they have a good chance to succeed.

“I’ll have to say Morroco for sure has the best odds, they have a very strong middle field, and have been able to prove to be a threat following their success from eliminating teams like Spain and Portugal,” stated Landon Wood

Morocco has surprised tons of people this world cup with their abilities to defeat  multiple highly skilled teams like, Portugal and Spain. Their current success has made them the first African and Arab team to ever make it to the semi-rounds in the whole history of the world cup. They have yet to take a single world cup trophy home and have only made six appearances in the world cup. The real question is, can they beat a team like France? With them being the underdogs in this tournament , they sure have a lot to prove to their home country and the world if they want to reach the final round.

“It has to be France, their offense has been able to constantly produce impressive results, and led them to win tons of games including the previous world cup,” said Timothy Melvin

As the previous world cup holders, France is back at it again to defend their previously standing title. As stated their offense has so far gotten them very far, and fans hope it can lead them to a swift victory against Morocco and earn a ticket to the final round of this hyped-up game. If France takes it all the way home they’ll be the third team since the birth of the world cup to win back-to-back which by the way hasn’t happened since Brazil did it back in 1962. France has a huge opportunity to make it on the record books, only time will tell if they can do it or not.

“I believe Croatia is going to win this year’s world cup. I think they have a stronger roster than the other three teams and have what it takes to beat Argentina,” said Benjamin Rodriguez 

Croatia took the world by storm after their impressive victory against Brazil, everyone’s curious to find out if they can do it again to the likes of Argentina. Croatia has never won a world cup but came close, being the previous runner-up before losing to France in 2018. It’s possible we may see a rematch between the two teams if both countries win their matches. The people of Croatia hope the team is able to redeem themselves and finally win their first world cup. 


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