Holiday lights have been strung up, local radio stations have begun playing familiar Christmas favorites, and the Christmas spirit has begun to take over the lives of Americans all over the country. And while people have begun to get into the Christmas spirit it seems that one important detail has been overlooked…Thanksgiving has not even yet arrived.

Thanksgiving has become a holiday that has been overshadowed by the sound of Jingle Bells, and carolers. It seems as if the Christmas festivities begin earlier and earlier each year, totally disregarding the holiday before it. While many people do love Christmas, it is simply too early to begin celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

“Christmas is in December, not November, not October or January. December,” said Sophomore Carlos Castilleja.

Before Halloween had even come to pass, local ice cream shop Handel’s had already strung up their Christmas lights, and was ready for the Christmas season, even though most people were still dressed up as ghouls and goblins.

handel's decorating for Christmas
Handel’s Ice cream showcasing their Christmas wreaths, days before Halloween photo by Jacob Elbert.

” I don’t think we should celebrate Christmas, as soon as Halloween is over. I think we should celebrate, Halloween and thanksgiving first, before we move on to Christmas, said Castilleja.

Along with an unusual, early start to certain Christmas traditions, people have taken up listening to Christmas music, as early as October.

“I think holiday music has a time and place, it just doesn’t feel right to listen to Jingle Bells in the middle of October, said sophomore Mary Kennedy.

Although some people agree that it is simply too early to get into the Christmas spirit, some people say there is never a wrong time to begin decking the halls.

” Christmas is something that makes a lot of people happy, so why try and stop someone from celebrating early? I love Christmas, and the whole season so I try to get it started as early as I can,” said Alixandra Martinez.

So while some may think there is never an inappropriate time to celebrate Christmas, it is clear that each holiday should be given its own time to be celebrated, instead of unfairly rushing over Halloween and Thanksgiving and moving on straight to Christmas.


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