The Klein Cain Highschool Choir performed on November 1st at the University of Houston. The opportunity to perform at the university was only extended to 4 schools including Klein Cain.

“[I was] most looking forward to showcasing our abilities as a choir, but I was also so excited to see the other choirs. They were all so different and amazing, and I’m so glad I got to see them perform,” said Lindsay Humpherys, a senior at Klein Cain.

Choir at University of Houston
Students from the Klein Cain Choir perform at The University of Houston. The group was invited to perform at the November 1st concert along with 3 other high schools. Photo by Kaitlyn Grice.

For both Lindsay and other choir members, the University of Houston provided new connections with strangers about something they collectively value.

Klein Cain’s performance started with the song “MLK You Too,” in which Maya Wiggins, a Klein Cain sophomore, delivered a spoken performance.

“As we were waiting to go on stage, I definitely felt nervous, but the rush from performing in front of a crowd never ceases to make me feel better,” said Maya Wiggins.

The choir then performed the song “Joy” by Hanas Bridger Heruth followed by “In Bright Mansions Above” by Roland Carter. The choir’s concluding song was “Let the River Run” by Carly Simon.

“I have never experienced that feeling of joy radiating from a crowd. The support was incredible,” said Savanna Alexander, a senior choir member.


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